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Premium Platinum Silicone Dildos | Sinnovator

Unlike anything else currently available, each supreme silicone dildo in the Sinnovator range is completely unique in design. Handcrafted using clay, which is subsequently used to create moulds, each dildo starts its journey as a simple idea that is brought to life by talented craftsmen. Fine quality, platinum sil

Platinum Silicone Dildo (You'll Enjoy) | Etsy

Fantasy Dildo "The Boss" 100% platinum silicone dildo, non toxic, body safe dildo 5 out of 5 stars (1,067) $ 100.02 FREE shipping DeepFantasies Add to Favorites ...

Uberrime Handmade Platinum Silicone Dildos

G-Spot Dildos. The Spiro Handmade Platinum Silicone 6.5 inch Dildo $72.00. The Vivo Platinum Silicone Dildo $69.00. The Astra G-spot Dildo $52.00. The Astra G-spot Dildo - Artifex $75.00. The Ūnō Platinum Silicone G-spot or P-spot Dildo $59.00. The Essential G-spotting Dildo $63.00. all G-Spot Dildos.

Uberrime Handmade Platinum Silicone Dildos

The Igneus - Platinum Silicone Dragon Dildo Clearly Uberrime $75.00. The Igneus - Platinum Silicone Dragon Dildo Clearly Uberrime $75.00. Baroba Little Silicone Monster Dildo Clearly Uberrime $85.00. Baroba Little Silicone Monster Dildo Clearly Uberrime $85.00. The Splendid Dual-Density Dildo in Core Colors (Large Size) $110.00.

Best Uncut / Uncircumcised Dildo List: 100% Body-Safe Silicone

Each uncircumcised dildo I review is 100% platinum silicone, crafted with care from the safest soft sex toy material. If you’re here for a King Cock Uncut dildo, I absolutely cannot endorse those toys—made of a stinky PVC that leaches chlorine. 1


Creating silicone dildos, plugs and sex toys that are FUNctional in design, quality and safety. Hand-crafted in the USA. One of the few to use only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone.

Platinum Grade Sex Toy Myths | Dangerous Lilly {a sex blog by ...

I talked about how I’ve changed my stance on silicone sex toys paired with silicone lubes – definitely Not For Your Butt. Kenton submerged some cured platinum silicone pieces in silicone lube and found that while that particular pairing didn’t “damage” the silicone toy, it certainly changed it.

How To Make Your Own Body-Safe Silicone DIY Dildo Creations ...

The best silicone for your DIY sex toys. The only type of silicone safe for penetration is platinum cure silicone and the most popular supplier amongst indie sex toy makers is Smooth-On. Now, Smooth-On makes all sorts of silicones that are unsafe for sex, so make sure you double-check before investing in buckets of it.

VixSkin® – Vixen Creations

The Platinum grade silicone used for VixSkin® has a high degree of flexibility and resists tearing. Our exclusive formula contains a silicone lubricant (just like that used in the most popular silicone lubes), suspended between the molecules, giving a more realistic feel and greater elasticity.

Twin Tail Creations - Embrace Your Fantasy! – TTC LLC

We are Twin Tail Creations and we make toys! Our creations are crafted from body safe platinum-cure silicone and are allergy-friendly, phtalate free, easy to clean and maintain and dragon-grade durable!