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Should you stick the dildo on a horizontal or vertical surface? Vertical: On vertical places like walls you will be able to use the suction cup dildo in only two ways. You can use your ass with your back towards the dildo or you can straight up face the suction cup dildo.

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To make a suction cup stick, it has to be moist, use a little bit of water and get it wet ( the suction cup, get your mind out of the gutter)

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A desk is another place you can try out, though it may be a bit tricky, depending on your height and the height of your desk. You can stick the suction cup dildo to a corner, similar to the way you’d use a nightstand.

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The suction cup dildo sex toy is very useful for every women for hands free masturbation. So, I have decided to write about my experience with suction cup dildo positions and sticking places. The suction cup dildo sex toy is more comfortable for her, but the problem is how to get the erotic feeling to fix it.

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I think either a dildo mount or a very loooong suction cup dildo stuck on the floor is the best way! With the Liberator mounts, or possibly the thigh harness route, you get to be on top and spread your legs pretty wide, if you like.

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This is perhaps the most important part of how to get a suction cup to stick. Take your individual suction cups and rinse each of them under a stream of warm water. This should help get rid of excess dirt. Afterwards, wipe off the water with a piece of cloth. Step 4. Once you’ve dried it off, the suction cup is ready for use.

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Featuring a strong suction-cup base, these dildos stick onto almost any smooth surface, giving you complete hands-free pleasure. Whether you want to include one of these fun and versatile dildos to your solo sessions or lovemaking, you can try all sorts of sex positions and expand your sexual horizons by experimenting with these sex toys.

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Any wall will work if the suction will hold. I prefer a bathroom wall, or wall with tiles because it has the best suction conditions and your dildo will not move or fall. There are two ways to use a suction cup dildo on the wall. You can either put it higher so you can penetrate yourself while standing. Or you can put it close to the floor, get on all fours and basically do it doggy style.

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In addition to suction cups, rubbing alcohol is also the best way to prep a surface before hanging Command strips or hooks. Clean the surface first as usual, then wipe it with rubbing alcohol before applying the adhesive.